Feiler talks about electrification freezes and was he the cause of the super events


Swiss coach Rene Weiler, first team coach for Al-Ahly club, talked about team player Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim, “Kahraba”, if he was forced upon him and the period the player spent with the team.

“I agreed to join Kahraba for Al-Ahly, but he must strive to himself because he has not participated in a long time, and he must equip himself technically and physically, and he is a talented player,” Fyler said during his interview on the “Ontime Sport Stadium” program broadcast on the Ontime Sport channel.“.

He continued: “Currently electrification is better than what came, and his level improved, but talent is not enough, and he must increase his training and strive for himself.“.

On the hadiths that circulated about the decision to freeze electrification, he said: “I cannot confirm the decision to freeze electrification, no one forced me to make technical decisions on the field, and contracting with any player is subject to several factors.”

When asked about the events of the Egyptian Super match against Zamalek, he said: “I did not specifically talk about electrification but in general, it was the behavior of all players and not only of it. We must respect the laws of fair play.“.

He concluded his speech: “Electrified participated and was provoked, but his participation came according to technical standards, and without any other things.”“.

It is noteworthy that Mahmoud Kahraba moved to the Al-Ahly club from the Portuguese Avis Club during the last winter transfers in a free transfer for four and a half seasons.


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