Farah Al-Sarraf, after the bold step, responds: “The most dramatic of what has become” – our lives – celebrities


Yesterday, young Kuwaiti artist Farah Al-Sarraf took a bold step, taking advantage of the period of home stone in shaving her hair with the machine.

Farah Al-Sarraf published a short clip for her while she is doing part of her experience, on her account on Twitter, and commented on him: “O group of feelings, not the coolest … I feel free from something … and by your say, who likes to settle it then … its chance is a stone and a base that shows someone.” . “It was a bold step, but it is comfortable, and Mabi will go on for a drama,” she added.

And the clip enjoyed a great deal, and divided the followers among those who considered that what the artist performed was personal freedom, and no one should interfere in it, and that she alone is the decision-maker. Others criticized the artist, because she would open the door for others to imitate her.

After the different reactions, Farah Al-Sarraf returned to tweet on Tuesday: “The most dramatic of what has happened, and I have asked for Mabi’s drama OK.”




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