Fajita’s suit goes back without an audience and warns of gatherings


Cairo: Sayed Mahmoud
After the absence of three years, the episodes of “Fajita Abla” will reappear, but without an audience, as two episodes were recorded, with the artist Amr Youssef and the singer Shakush, due to the “Corona” virus and the severe warnings in the Media Production City, which depict the episodes of the gatherings. On TV only, the channel’s management conducted the episodes with the team.
“Abla Fajita”, an Egyptian cartoon character, presented by the Egyptian young man Hatem Al-Kashef, who has the idea and voice for the basic doll “Fajita”, a housewife who made her first appearance in 2011, “Abla Fajita”, sang the song “What makes me happy”, and appeared In the song’s video clip with the music composer, Hassan Al-Shafei, the song exceeded 18 million views. It was initially presented on the “CBC” channel, then it was transferred to present on “On TV” channel, currently, after the channels are combined under one administration, and it continues until the next Ramadan to fill the void of the absence of dramas, whose filming will not be completed.
The channel’s management surprised the audience with the news of the return of “Fajita’s Abla” to the “Live from Duplex” program, and with the same title that it was called “The Widow of the Tarob.” The program comes before its release in a special series on the “Net Flex” platform, and praised before returning with a video broadcast on “On TV” channel, which warns against gatherings, and demands passers-by to sit at home.


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