Fadel Shaker returns to sing with his son via “live broadcast”


The Lebanese artist # Fadel_ Shaker surprised his fans by coming back to present concerts after many years of absence from the artistic scene, after he announced his first concerts accompanied by his son Mohamed, on Wednesday, through a live broadcast on his page on “Instagram”.

On his official page on “Instagram,” Tuesday, Fadl published a photo accompanied by his son, commenting on it: “By seeing you with a ball, God willing, at 10:00 pm Lebanon time with my love.”

After Fadl’s announcement of the ceremony, the audience interacted with him through the comments, where one of his followers said to him: “By God, we missed you, sweet voice.” And another said, “By God, you are a loss that is beyond a loss, I am very sad.”

The audience continued to interact with Fadl, after announcing the appearance and singing in Al-Mubasher, and one of his followers said to him, “We are joining you, O king, my idea has long been that you aspire to live.”

Fadl’s presentation of a concert via the Internet came after many stars gave concerts from their homes to communicate with the public due to the spread of the Corona virus that swept the world recently, and caused deaths and injuries in thousands around the world.

Fadel Shaker announced that he would retire from art permanently in late 2012, and launched his beard, announcing that he joined a militant group, but he returned to singing after a long series of events in 2018.


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