Facebook will launch a standalone live streaming mobile game


Facebook wants to compete strongly in the live broadcasting sector of smart phone games, and all previous attempts through its social network have not achieved what it wants, and now it raises the level to launch a new independent application only for this feature.

The new Facebook games app focuses on the live streaming feature of games, and highlights simple games that people usually play with their friends over the Internet such as Words with Friends, game discussion groups, or mobile games known to broadcast games from them.

Facebook has at least 700 million users out of the 2.5 billion users active in the game industry, whether it is on the social network, or other games that use Facebook accounts.

The application is designed to create a live broadcast from within the phone or watch the live broadcast of other players. Facebook was testing the application in some Asian and Latin American countries, and it will be available initially on Android only, and then on iOS after the approval of Apple, which is a little late as usual.

Apple’s interest in the gaming world is old since its early years with the famous game FarmVille, and later there were a lot of changes and developments that did not make it dominate this sector, even with the highlighting of a special icon in the games section in the application interface which is the most vital and important place for Facebook.

Now that there are big players like Twitch from Amazon, YouTube from Google and Mixer from Microsoft, Facebook wants to find a place of its own, especially as the mobile gaming community is growing very strongly.

It is worth noting that Facebook was planning to launch the games application in the coming summer, particularly in June, but due to the Corona virus and home stone and increased game consumption, it was useful to speed up its launch and it is expected that it will be available tomorrow on Google Play, and then on the iPhone and iPad.


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