Expectations to drop prices of 4G phones soon



The expert expected that Jiutang, one of the partners of the industrial investment division of “Xiaomi” company, will decrease the prices of the fourth generation 4G phones that run “Android” operating system in the coming months for several reasons, most notably the low prices of “iPhone 11” phones in China.

Geotang said that the rapid development of 5G networks in China and the world, and the increasing number of phones that support this technology in an accelerated way, is one of the most important reasons for the decrease in prices of 4G phones, according to the “Arab Portal for Technical News”.

A third reason for the price cuts, Geotang expert emphasized, was the outbreak of the emerging COVID-19 virus, which had led to a recession in the smart phone market among major markets, such as Europe, North and South America.

The Corona virus has halted the active movement in the world of mobile phones, and many factories of large companies such as Apple and Huawei have stopped around the world, especially in China and the United States of America since the virus first appeared in China in mid-December 2019.


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