“Every House Has a Story” .. Storytelling shows via the Internet


Beirut: «The Gulf»
The Department of “Istanbuli Theater”, “The Tiro Association for the Arts” and the “Lebanese National Theater” launched storytelling shows “Live” via the Internet under the slogan “From Every Home Story”, by direct broadcasting via Facebook from the storytellers to homes within the program “Theater and Cinema via the Internet” , Which includes training workshops for children and young people, dealing with drawing and script writing, via the Internet, in addition to implementing the “From the Net” project, which includes the production of a short cinematic film on the “mobile”, while inviting those interested to shoot a video clip on a mobile phone from balconies Their homes, provided that the tape includes a story, song, poem or music Music, and should not exceed two minutes. On its website, the association launched screenings for short cinemas, which participated in the International Short Film Festival for Short Films, and a set of short films produced by “Tero Art”. The actor and director Qasim Istanbouli, founder of the “Lebanese National Theater” said: “Because of the conditions that humankind suffers from, we are trying to work by opening a link between artists and the public, in order to preserve public safety and communication through our platforms for those who wish to display their artwork and expression through different arts and see artistic works ».


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