European Football Association may dispense with “the mouse”!


The European Football Union meets tomorrow Thursday to make decisions related to the resumption of European championships.

  • A referee inspects a case through “Mouse” technology in the Champions League (archive)

French press reports stated that the European Football Association “UEFA” may dispense with the video game “mouse” when the European Champions League and European League competitions return to “Europa League”.

The French website “RMC Sport” said that maintaining the safe distance might cause UEFA to abandon the mouse technology for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season.

“The issue will be discussed during the UEFA executive committee meeting tomorrow, Thursday,” he added.

“If three officials work in the fugitive control room, they will violate the social divergence rules of staying two meters away from each other,” he said.

European championship competitions were suspended indefinitely by the game’s association, due to the outbreak of the “Covid-19” Coruna virus.

And the Italian network, “Sky Sports”, revealed that the continental federation decided on the 7 and 8 of next August to hold the remaining matches, in the round of 16, in addition to announcing the 29 of the same month as a date to host the final of the championship in Turkey.

The media also said that “UEFA” decided to play a match every 3 days, starting from the eight rounds until the date of the final match.


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