Etihad Newspaper – Emirates Airlines is strengthening its resources to expedite the completion of requests for refund


Dubai (Al Ittihad)

Emirates Airlines has confirmed its commitment to its affected customers and business partners by canceling flights and stopping travel due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The airline has strengthened its resources and capabilities to expedite the fulfillment of customers’ requests to recover their previously paid money to purchase their tickets.
Emirates Airlines, which has so far received nearly half a million refund requests, has taken proactive steps to program its final actions and enhance its resources to expedite the completion of the refund transactions. The carrier was dealing before the pandemic with an average of 35 thousand requests for recovery per month, but now, it is preparing to deal with 150 thousand requests per month, as it set a goal to complete all the accumulated requests by early August.
“We are experiencing difficult conditions, as we have changed from other airlines,” said Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airlines. Although we use up our cash reserves to meet requests for a refund, we consider it our duty and our responsibility. We assure our clients and business partners that we are committed to fulfilling their requests, and that we are doing our best to expedite the return of their funds. ”
He added, “The situation remains volatile since the first weeks of the spread of the pandemic, but we have modified the exemption policy that we adopted due to the spread of” Covid-19 “, as we have facilitated the process of re-booking and canceling travel tickets, and we have repeatedly emphasized that we always put our customers at the top of our priority list. We also initiated contact with clients who made requests to change reservations or refund money to inform them of the new options that we have provided for them. ”


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