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Smartphone games have seen huge growth in popularity recently, resulting in a high rate of Internet consumption during the past month. This home entertainment option has become the favorite of many with more players entering the multiplayer game arena and competition is increasing dramatically. HONOR 9X PRO, the latest smartphone from HONOR, is designed to be a powerful device in supporting gaming capabilities through appropriate upgrades in its parts and software, with the aim of enhancing the user experience in smartphone games.Borderless gameplay with the Kirin 810’s AI-powered 7nm chipset with the powerful GPU

The HONOR 9X PRO supports the Kirin 810’s advanced 7nm AI chip with Da Vinci’s internal engineering chassis that helps it adapt to heavy loading scenarios like playing flexibly and smoothly to improve energy efficiency by 20%. Meanwhile, the Mali-G52 GPU will give you an advanced experience with Kirin Gaming + which improves heat dissipation effectively during long-term gaming. NINE Liquid Cooling Technology is harnessed to effectively dissipate heat and provide outstanding performance. HONOR 9X PRO also improves platform performance to provide a seamless gaming experience that takes it to the next level.

Rich gaming experience with full screen display
The smartphone screen plays an important role in determining the quality and enjoyment of the user experience. HONOR 9X PRO exceeds the expectations of the most demanding users because it includes a selfie camera that goes up and saves the user from distraction because it is empty of the camera slot and gives him a rich gaming experience in all circumstances. With its narrow bezels and advanced COF technology, HONOR’s full screen display has achieved an unparalleled standard in its 6.59-inch size and 92% of the overall body structure.

Designed with the players ’needs in mind, HONOR has a 6.59-inch screen and TÜV Rheinland-certified blue light filter that effectively reduces harmful blue light radiation from the screen to prevent eye fatigue or even eye damage.

Its 4000mAh battery allows you to use the phone for a full day without worrying about charging it, enough to play music for 100 hours, watch video for 10 hours, browse the phone for 12 hours, or play for 10 hours. All of this enables gamers to focus on their game without looking for a phone charger in the middle of the game.

With the increase in the number of applications and games available, we are witnessing a high demand for large storage space, so the HONOR 9X PRO phone provides an internal storage capacity of 256 GB and is expandable to 512 GB simply by inserting a 256 GB microSD card. With the extra storage space at your disposal, you will be able to play your favorite video games on a smartphone without having to give away some of the content.

In order to enhance the gaming experience, HONOR 9X PRO cooperated with specific games to present gift packages via the Huawei application store and includes: Free Fire, Anthem of Heroes, Rise of the Kings, Conquerors, Days of Empire, Asphalt Legends, Rise of Kingdoms and many more.

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