English Premier League scorer Graves in hospital


English Premier League scorer Graves in hospital

Tottenham Hotspur announced on Tuesday that its striker Jimmy Graves, the best scorer in his history and the English Premier League, was hospitalized.

“Our standard scorer, Jimmy Graves, is currently being treated in the hospital. We are in contact with his family and we will inform you of his news in a timely manner,” the London club said in a statement, without specifying whether his admission to hospital was linked to the emergence of the emerging coronavirus.

“Everyone at the club sends his best wishes to Jimmy and his family,” Tottenham added.

Graves, now 80, who has suffered since 2015 from a stroke, scored 357 goals between 1957 and 1972 in the Premier League, a record, and is still considered the best scorer in the history of Tottenham, with 266 goals in various competitions .

Graves helped crown the England national team with the 1966 World Cup title, as he played in the group stage before the injury prevented him from continuing his career in the starting lineup.

And led Graves Tottenham to crown the European Cup Winners Cup in 1963, and the FA Cup in 1962 and 1967, knowing that he defended before the colors of Chelsea and AC Milan.

Graves remained the historical top scorer for the top five for a long time before being overtaken by Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine Lionel Messi.

Source: “AFP”


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