Emirates University provides scientific research services electronically


Sharjah 24 – WAM:
The United Arab Emirates University confirmed that all of its services provided through its research centers are available electronically, and that all research projects are continuing under the current circumstances, with the use of the remote work system, considering scientific research as one of the priorities of its strategy.

Dr. Ahmed Murad, Associate Academic Research at the University, explained that all scientific research procedures and services are available electronically, including registration of intellectual property and patents, the internal financing system, receiving research proposals through the system and reviewing them, checking the financial position of funded research projects, and changing the source of external funding And approving them, receiving requests to close and review completed projects, approving requests for research ethics, and reviewing and approving agreements and contracts with external institutions.

He pointed out that the university formed research teams, focusing on preparing qualitative scientific research with its partners in the industrial sector, to contribute in providing research solutions, because of what the country may face challenges with a focus on immediate issues, especially those related to the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”.


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