Emirates news agency – UAE stocks gain 32.5 billion dirhams in three Ramadan sessions


ABU DHABI, April 28 / WAM / UAE financial markets reversed their trend upwards
After about two hours of quiet trading passed by it took over
Recovers its activity to continue the rise that started since the first day of the month

As markets continued their green path, they gained the market value of stocks
The traded companies amounted to about 5.7 billion dirhams, which raised the total
The gains during the three Ramadan sessions amounted to approximately 32.5 billion dirhams.

Trading appetite continued at good levels, violating many expectations
By declining during Ramadan and the value of deals concluded in the two markets of Abu Dhabi
Dubai finances about 450 million dirhams, while the number of shares traded reached 636
One million shares executed through 10,740 transactions.

The general index of the Abu Dhabi Securities Market rebound dramatically
The level of 4220 points, an increase of 1.21%, while the general index of Dubai market grew
Financial ratio of 0.58%, reaching the 1997 level.

Daily monitoring of stock movement appears on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange
Etisalat shares continue to rise to 15.60 dirhams, as Abu Dhabi Bank shares rose
The first to 11.38 dirhams, and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank shares to 3.52 dirhams
The share of Aldar is 1.81 dirhams.

On the Dubai Financial Market, Emaar continued to rise, reaching the level of 2.71 dirhams, and rose
Dubai Islamic Bank shares to 3.62 dirhams, Ajman Bank shares 61 fils
Union Real Estate 31 fils.

Mother / Nasser Aref / Zakaria Mohiuddin


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