Emirates news agency – Swimming Federation continues training of the team in preparation for the season championships and “Abu Dhabi International”


Abu Dhabi, April 29, (WAM) Sultan Al Samahi, President of the Emirates Federation, confirmed
For swimming and water games, the team’s training is currently in full swing
On a daily basis from a distance, and that the Board of Directors and the technical staff follow it through an application
Video contact is up to date, indicating that there is a weekly performance evaluation for the player
The team, which includes 14 players, plus 3 women, is preparing for it
For next season’s championships to start in September, and important international challenges
The most prominent of these is the World Championships that will be held in Abu Dhabi in December of the year

Al-Samahi said in statements to Emirates News Agency “WAM”: despite the cessation of activity
6 weeks ago, our technical and administrative work did not stop for one day, and the colleague did
Juma Al Balushi, Vice President of the Federation, Chairman of the National Teams Committee
Continues with the players of the teams and their technical devices, to follow up their performance and presentation
Periodic reports to us in the board of directors, and we make sure to keep our players
Fit them during the blessed month of Ramadan.

He said: We are focusing on a group of players currently to participate in the World Championship
In Abu Dhabi, we provided a high-level technical staff to qualify them for the championship
Through an accredited training program aimed at reaching international rates, it was from
We are supposed to participate this April in the Dubai International Championship
An opportunity to improve numbers in order to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, but the Olympics
It was postponed for a year, and the Dubai Championship was postponed for a year as well.

And whether he will run in the Union elections in the summer of this year, he said:
I decided not to run, and I will leave the job after me, for special links, and me
Proud of what I presented with my house in the current period from 2016 to 2020, especially
Cooperate with the private sector, and open the door for participation for all citizens and residents.
Increasing activities and tournaments and establishing partnerships with many entities, which contributed
In developing the game and expanding the base of its practitioners, in addition to achieving medals
Important at the Gulf and Arab levels, and to qualify technical cadres
And arbitration.

And about his proposals to develop Emirati sports in individual and team games
The accompanying said Al-Samahi: The development of the UAE Olympic track needs work
Great, the UAE is an important and developed country with great potential, and it deserves to be
It has a proven track record in the Olympics, and the National Olympic Committee must be
The first supervisor and first follower of the Olympic champions, we must have
Olympic village includes the players in the various games under the supervision of the committee
Olympic, and to have centers in each emirate away from the clubs that have focused
On football, even if every emirate has one training center in games
Individual, accompanying, and one coach per game is better than having 10
Clubs in each emirate receive a budget and direct it to soccer at an expense
Other games.

On the most prominent achievements of the Union in its current session, he said: We succeeded in providing a budget
Union and allocated to support the squad players, and we qualified nearly 25
Judging by our advanced training courses, we have also succeeded in saving funds
Organizing tournaments for partners and sponsors, as we expanded
In opening the way for private academies to participate in local championships in numbers
Great, as well as cooperating with various sports councils in holding tournaments
International in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, and one of the most important achievements that we have made
We supported the second category clubs, such as Al-Zaid and Al-Hamriyah, and contributed to the development of the game
On a young level, and in our session the Maliha swimming pool was opened, and we recognized
Maliha club in the swimming activity.

In the same context, Juma Al Balushi, Vice President of the Federation, confirmed the head of a committee
Teams: For the first time, Al Ittihad has provided players with training aids and aids
At home, they were delivered, and coach Ali Diab supervised
The adult team coaches on a daily basis via video calling, and supervises the youth
Coach Ahmed Al-Ghitani, the girls ’team also trains through tools
And the aids can help the trainee in his home to make training moves as if
In the pool completely, we have a test for players every week that we measure
Fitness for each player through pulse with movement.

He said: The timing of training in Ramadan is different from that in other months
Ten o’clock in the evening every day the junior training is held, as it begins
Adult training at eleven and a quarter, and we are currently studying the organization of a championship
Virtual “for players and we will allow all interested nationalities to participate
In the country, in the same way our national team players are trained, to measure rates
The development of our players in the areas of resistance, strength and speed, and we plan for it
It takes place in the last two weeks in Ramadan.

On the program for preparing for the World Championship, he said: We will enter the second phase of
Preparing for the World Championship as of mid-June, and is expected to
Health conditions improve and players train in the pool according to procedures and requirements
Strict prevention provides safety for players and players, and we will ensure that every player gets
On 11 training units per week .. For next season’s championships, the first
A suggested tournament for the season will be on September 15th, which is the Emirates Cup championship, and will
All groups and all nationalities residing in the country participate in it, after which there is a championship
The winter Emirates, which was scheduled for this April, was deported for a month
Next October.

On the target of the national team in the World Championship, he said: We have a very distinguished player, Youssef
Al-Matroushi is betting on him strongly after his recent Gulf achievements, and still are
He has opportunities to qualify for the Olympics through the Dubai International Championship in April 2021,
We will also have the Arab Championship in Tunisia next winter, and we also have a young player
She is Laila Al-Khatib with great chances of achieving unprecedented numbers for the Emirates in
The world championship because its averages and numbers allow it to do so, especially as it scored 4
Medals alone in the Arab Championship in Morocco in 2018.

Wam / Amin Al-Dobly / Emad Al-Ali


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