Emirates News Agency – Football Association discusses the team’s coach file and recommends participation in the Francophone Games


Dubai, April 18 / WAM / The National Team and Technical Affairs Committee held a union
Emirates Football today its second meeting through the video communication system
Headed by Youssef Hussein Al-Sahlawi, the second vice-president of the federation, who heads the committee,
With the participation of Saif Majid Al Mansouri, Member of the Board of Directors, Vice-Chairman of the Technical Committee,
Ibrahim Al-Nimr, Assistant Secretary-General for Technical Affairs, and Muhammad Obaid Hammad
The advisor of the committee is the supervisor of the first national team, Adnan Al-Taliani and Abdullah
Sultan, Abdul Hamid Al-Mestaki, Muhammad Obaid Hamdoun, and Adel Abdulaziz are members
The committee and Hassan Fahd, head of the team support department, are scheduled

The committee discussed topics on the agenda, in the forefront of which is a file
The first national team coach, and reviewed the CVs provided by members
The committee to nominate a coach to take over the tasks of training the first national team during the stage
Next, which included many of the names of nationalities and international schools
Different, and after a thorough discussion of the matter, it was decided to assign the members to hold a meeting
Special for this file during the current week to shrink the list, according to the criteria
Required, to be submitted to the Board of Directors later.

With regard to the programs of preparing the national teams for the next benefits,
The committee decided to postpone this matter until the clarity of the vision and awaiting decisions
FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation on the issue of the return of sports activity
The spherical in the current health situation.

The committee also discussed a number of scenarios regarding the development of the women’s teams sector
Sunni stages and training centers, as well as discussing ways to enhance cooperation with the Ministry
Education to provide specialized programs in developing technical skills through
Organizing school competitions for the elementary and middle levels.

The Committee also decided to submit a recommendation to the General Secretariat of the Union to address
National Olympic Committee on initial approval to participate in the session
The ninth of the Francophone Games for the Youth category scheduled for July 2021
Republic of the Congo.

WAM / Amin Al-Dobli / Ahmed Al-Butli


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