Emirates Air Cargo adapts its operations to connect the world – the economy – the local market


A “Emirates Air Cargo” aircraft landed in the Brazilian airport of Sao Paulo, carrying 500,000 Covid-19 examination kits. This cargo has been transported from the Chinese city of Guangzhou via Dubai, and another similar shipment will follow to the same destination.

The airline operated two charter flights that transported about 200 tons of health supplies, such as hand sanitizers, masks and gloves, from Hong Kong to Sydney, while another flight carried medical supplies to Karachi.

One of the Emirates Boeing 777F air cargo planes on a private charter flight transported about 100 tons of relief materials, including hospital equipment, to Milan.

“Through the new scenario, we have merged operations and reduced costs, and we have also temporarily transferred all handling operations to Dubai International Airport,” said Nabil Sultan, Senior Vice President of Shipping at Emirates Airlines. Thus, we ensure a prompt response to our clients ’requests from all over the world.”



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