Ellis Mersalas … Jazz loses its antique symbol


The results of the medical examination have not yet been released, but, most likely, the Corona virus yesterday killed a pianist and an American generation old jazz musician, Ellis Marsals.The man in the ninth decade (86 years) and what he gave to jazz is much greater than a single person can do. In addition to his personal contribution in this field, from private albums and participations in projects of colleagues in the jazz, Ellis gave a “complete band” of contemporary jazz symbols, as he followed in his footsteps his children, each on a different basic instrument in jazz, the most famous of whom is the brilliant trumpet player ( In jazz as in classical music) Winton Marsals, who is today one of the most active and jazz active characters in jazz, as well as in the classic in which he began his career as a player and then moved to composing, and among his latest releases is an album containing (composed by (Concerto Violin and Orchestra)!) A sequence of the same composition, with the participation of the violinist Famous Nicola Benedetti. The two men carry a prominent vaccination of blues, jazz, and even American “white” folk music, and were recently nominated for two “Grammy” awards, one of which won (Best Single Performance). Another of his children, Brandford saxophonist, also has channels of classical music and other popular musical styles. Trumpet, Saxophone and then Trombone … Here we come to Delphi Marshals, the instrumentalist and author who returned in his experiment to the roots, but in a modern style, and we mean by roots his tendencies to the religious and spiritual dimension in highly expressive mechanical works. The youngest of the family, Jason, took the seat behind the drums in the family / band. But if we collect the publications of the Mersalas family (some of them are all shared), then we get hundreds of private albums that they have contributed or accomplished … with another intention, we will get a respectable jazz library!
We started the article on “Sheikh of Al-Mersalas”, but here we go on talking about the big “young”, and perhaps this will make him more happy than his lament, the praise agent for his experience. And if it is not yet certain the role of the famous virus in killing the elderly man, then the certain fact is that Ellis Mersalas did not die, according to that famous popular proverb, if we do not take into account the late contribution to teaching music for generations and generations.


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