Elissa openly disciplines Walid Nassif because of Nancy Ajram!


A few days ago, the Lebanese actress Elissa released a video of her new song (violin and violin), and appeared in the clip from inside her home stone, which she adheres to, wears the pajamas and sings spontaneously. To her colleague, as a number of Elisa fans appeared on the clip singing with her.

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The clip achieved great success and spread, and the Lebanese director Walid Nassif appeared, and announced that the idea of ​​communicating with the audience through online video was primarily the first one created by the artist, Nancy Ajram, in a clear hint that Elissa imitated it.

Elisa replied to Nassif and embarrassed him, saying: (Stay in goodness, O Walid, in the presence of everything in the evil around us, no one is claiming something, an idea originally existed and with the stone we applied, you are a friend and Nancy is my friend, so growers of love reap love).

Walid Nassif, a close friend of Nancy, and we do not know where he got the idea from Nancy, nor even we know the reason for his tweet that attributed the success of his clip with Elisa to another artist, even though no one asked him unless there were conversations between him and Nancy Ajram!

And Elsa was harsh in her response, unless she knew what we did not know about the background of the Tweet!

Elisa responds to Walid Nassif


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