Elissa bombed a Lebanese director, who tried to catch her with Nancy Ajram


The Lebanese director Walid Nassif’s tweet caused a sensation, noting that the star Nancy Ajram was the first to implement the idea of ​​some of her fans participating in a spontaneous video clip on social media, which disturbed the star Elissa after her new song “Hengni Walkman Walkman” was presented in a similar way.

Nassif wrote on Twitter: “Nancy Ajram is the first artist who entered the Internet with her fans in 2013.” Elissa responded to her in a decisive manner and in a smart way. She wrote: “Be a good record, O Walid, with everything in the evil of us around us. It was originally and with the stone we applied, you are a friend and Nancy is my friend.

The audience interacted extensively with the two tweets, and everyone praised Elisa’s smart response, stressing that she did not claim that she was the first to adopt the idea of ​​using the public, especially since the clip is compatible with the harsh measures imposed to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.

The Lebanese star surprised her followers with the participation of star Haifa Wehbe in the video of her new song, in addition to the participation of many of her fans and friends, and published a state of happiness among viewers.

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