Elisa: “Religion is a growth of sleep.”


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Elisa: “Religion is growing in slumber”, today Sunday 12 April 2020 08:59 in the morning

today’s events – Artist Elisa criticized those who insulted other religions, especially after the comments she received today on the occasion of Good Friday.
And Elisa said: “I am proud that I am a Christian, and my faith is the crown of my head, and they will not criticize, attack or insult. They will not follow what follows me. Raise bugs because religion is the growth of the causes of religion, morals and some people abuse their religion when they insult others. The time has come to get rid of these issues and reaction. “.
On a different level, and in a sudden situation to her, Elisa praised the performance of the Lebanese government and the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Hamad Hassan, in the way they deal with the Corona virus, and the measures being taken in this regard, noting that the situation in Lebanon is much better than other countries, where the virus is spreading. Significantly.
Elisa wrote on her special page on a social networking site: “When there are positive matters that we must highlight, and the performance of the government and the Minister of Health in the past few days is very good, and thank God Lebanon is much better than other countries. God willing the situation will remain the same.”

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