Elham El-Fadala visualizes her daughter during the abortion process. The audience is angry


The public attacked the Kuwaiti artist, Ilham Al-Fadalah, after she penetrated the privacy of her daughter Mona, and filmed her in the operating room after she underwent an abortion.Al-Fadala posted the video via “Instagram” with a comment: “She concluded her operation and woke up, praise be to God, and this ping is not strong, because she was afraid the ping would be heavy, and she did not last, which is praise be to God, good and good.”

Mona appeared inside the operating room, as she slept on the bed and clutched on the phone, provoking the followers, who considered these were insecurities that could not be published.

Elham announced the news of her daughter’s miscarriage in a previous video, in which she said: “Good morning, I am currently in the hospital, because Mona was pregnant, but God did not want, and our Lord gave him wisdom that the pregnancy does not complete in these circumstances, and may our Lord provide her with better conditions.”

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