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Sports news, Egyptian sports news, to give Amr Zaki the praise he deserves on his birthday. Source of the news – Egyptian Sports – in Joule, with the details of the news, to give Amr Zaki the praise he deserves on his birthday:

Egyptian sports news today: “I think it is wonderful, before anything I will show his goals, Daniel Ajer got the ball before Zaki kidnapped him, then a cross from Valencia, and through Kharafi’s effort he scored a goal, but this was not what impressed me about Amr Zaki.” Alan Shearer.

During his professional career in the Premier League, and with a fictional start with Wigan Club, some commentators called him the new Alan Shearer, asking former England star Gary Lineker and the host of the “Match of the Day” program on the BBC “Shearer” about his opinion to talk about Zaki for more Two minutes of complete admiration.

On the birthday of “The Bulldozer”, one of the best strikers of the former Egyptian national team, and the star of Enppi, Zamalek and Wigan, we give him praise in celebration of what he offered us, even if for a while it did not heal the pleasure of followers and fans.

Amr Zaki started his career from Mars Port Said, it did not take time to notice his physical strength and speed, which led him to join Al-Mansour at the age of fifteen, and because of his level and strength he played for age teams greater than his age.

At the age of 16 he was promoted to the first team, then he played with Mansoura in one of the Egypt Cup matches, against Ghazl El-Mahalla. At the time, Wael Gomaa, the legend of Al-Ahly and the national team of Egypt, was still a player of Mahala.

His journey with Al-Mansoura continued for two years, during which he scored 19 goals, to be chosen by Muhammad Ali for his youth team, and shortly thereafter to join the first team.

“Ali’s offers poured out from Al-Ahly, Zamalek, Ismaili, Gulf and European clubs as well, but at that time Enppi appeared and made a record presentation of Mansoura.”

“Enppi made an offer to Mansoura that amounted to one million and 500 thousand pounds and became the most expensive transfer deal for the player in my life at the time, and I moved to the petroleum team to train under the leadership of Taha Basri.” Amr Zaki.

The journey of success and the rise of Amr Zaki manifested with Enppi in winning the Egyptian Cup championship next to the league title, he presented many wonderful matches, Hassan Shehata was unable to ignore what Zaki could add to the line of attack of the Pharaohs, despite the presence of Emad Miteb, Ahmed Hossam Mido and even Hossam Hassan even though it is The end of his term was with the game, but he made his own mark.

Zaki was different, only different, chasing the ball wherever you went, playing for the team will not tire or bored until disturbing the defense, if the ball is in his area of ​​influence he will fight for the last moment, he does not have a certain style, strong physical structure and skillful touches appear from time to time but his advantage Major in his ability to chase and keep the ball.

In this way, he would give Egypt the national team an additional offensive option, which would diversify the mixture available.

Of course, we remember his wonderful moment in the 2006 Nations Cup when he came on as a substitute and scored after a cross by Mohamed Abu Trika in the 81st minute, to take the Egyptian team’s hand to the final of the tournament, and more than that, Hassan Shehata ran to say “I am true” and that moment was Amr Zaki presented more And more after 5 years of diligence and work.

After the Nations Cup, Lokomotiv Moscow came to include Zaki, but things did not go well.

Zaki was unable to cope with the cold weather and everything that was in Russia, only to return after 3 months without registering a single post.

On his return, Al-Ahly tried to borrow it, but Lokomotiv refused the loan, according to Zaki’s statements, and the club even requested an important player from Al-Ahly to complete the deal.

Amr Zaki said:

“He spoke to me from Al-Ahly Mahmoud Al-Khatib,” Bebo “, and Adly Al-Qia, and they wanted to borrow me for two years, while paying 750 thousand euros, while loaning a player from Al-Ahly to the Russian team.

“But firstly, Lokomotiv refused the principle of borrowing one of the players, as he wanted to get the money only, but another solution appeared after them from them.”

“Lokomotiv requested the inclusion of Muhammad Abu Trika or Muhammad Abdullah so that he would agree to my departure for Al-Ahly with receiving 500 thousand euros, and that was in the middle of 2006.”

“But despite everything that happened, I informed al-Khatib and al-Qa`i of my desire to move to Zamalek, but Locomotive refused because the Al-Ahly offer was financially stronger than Zamalek.”

“I told Lokomotiv officials that I would only play for Zamalek and I already gave up 25,000 euros in order to complete my move to the white team, and then Mortada Mansour helped me.”

“What was said about some Zamalek officials removing me from Cairo Airport from a different door to ensure my signature to them was not true.”

“As I said earlier, I wanted to move to Zamalek and at the airport his officials greeted me and took me to a team match. I was surprised by the fans of the team giving me the club shirt.”

Zaki joined Zamalek in 2006, two years of glittering again and recovering what he had been and never lost.

He returned and starred in the Egypt Cup final and scored two goals for the team winning the title against Enppi, Steve Bruce was in the stands watching Zaki.

From there it was the beginning of a wonderful chapter that it would have lasted long, and had Zaki continued in England with him.

One of Zaki’s most glorious moments, when compared to Alan Shearer and conquering Liverpool, when he scored 10 goals in England is something that prompts some to write titles like “It takes some time to adapt” but before Salah sparkled, there was Zaki.

The sniper who knows how to score goals and keep the ball and fight against it and pressure since the beginning of the ball with the goalkeeper, which prompted him to pressure against Daniel Ajer and score a goal against Liverpool, yes do you remember that famous snapshot of Zaki scissors? She had another wonderful target with her.

“In my first conversation with Bruce, he praised my level, but he blamed the Egyptian referee for his calculation of any error of any player who fell on the field due to any fusion, and here was his first advice to me.”

“The English coach assured me that those mistakes will not count towards me in England and that I have to have more physical strength and not fall with any fusion because mistakes will not be counted for me and that if I want to succeed.” Amr Zaki.

He joined Wigan on a one-year campaign loan, participated in the preparatory round, played essential and scored 3 goals, until he participated at the expense of Emile Heskey and Henry Camara.

“In the first game of the season against West Ham I was in awe of the atmosphere and participated and scored a goal and despite the defeat by two goals, I won the Man of the Match award.”

After that we faced Chelsea and lost again, but I once won the award for the best player in the match, and things went great in the matches that followed with my success in scoring goals.“.

“For the first three months I was one of the best African players in the English Premier League and I was nominated for the Best Player in Africa award with Mohamed Abu Trika, Samuel Eto’o and Michael Essien.” Amr Zaki.

Perhaps his most beautiful moment away from the Egyptian national team, the Egyptian league and the Cup, was to face Liverpool.

“My greatest aspiration was to play Liverpool in the Playstation, and suddenly I found myself in front of them.” – Amr Zaki

Among the goals of West Ham, Hall City, Sunderland, Manchester City, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Bolton and Knotts County, the match was the most prominent to illustrate everything that Amr Zaki represented as striker.

She was part of the eighth round of the English Premier League at Anfield, he scored two goals, one of them memorable scissors, and lost his team 3-2, but he was the champion of the team in all situations.

“After I scored the famous goal, it was a very wonderful feeling, it was a mixture of pride, happiness and everything beautiful at the same time, and after that goal I became the talk of all the media.”

“After the end of the match, all of my teammates at Wigan congratulated me on my performance, including Manchester United’s Antonio Valencia and Wilson Palacios.”

“As for Egypt, call me, Sameh, who is the Minister of Petroleum at the time, the coach of the Egyptian team, Hassan Shehata, and Mohamed Abu Trika, to congratulate me and many more, and I do not wish to forget anyone.” Amr Zaki.

President Wigan and a number of commentators described him as the successor of Alan Shearer, who even said they had the same playing style.

So what was Shearer’s comment? His reaction was as follows:

“First, let me show you my goals, press Agre and score, then score from Maqsiyah after a great cross from Valencia.”

“He was moving away from the goal and scored in this way is a mythical effort.”

“But the two goals did not impress me, but this is what you see (he presented a summary of Zaki’s touches in the match), that he is good at the matches, and in a ball, nothing would have happened that won a corner for his team.”

“This is a long ball that he did not have to chase, but chased it all the time. Look at him running and annoying the defenders and winning the ball for his team.”

“He runs on the line with him being hired and then pulls him and keeps the ball for his team until he gets support, I must say he caused a great inconvenience to the defense.”

“He scored 7 goals in the league and the goals are currently and still a lot will emerge from him, after only 8 games he still has a lot and he is seconded only.”

With that brilliance, it was natural for Wigan to try to annex him permanently, sending more than 5 offers to Zamalek to annex him, according to Amr, the last of which was 8 million pounds, along with a large percentage of the value of his future resale.

“Chelsea, Liverpool, Spain’s Malaga and many other clubs asked me to join me, but Mamdouh Abbas shocked me with a strange response to all these offers.”

“He told me I want 250 million pounds in order to sell you, so I said, ‘Am I Lionel Messi? Zamalek has already reached 50 million pounds, and that number will reach 1,500 million if I sell to Lugan.'” Amr Zaki.

The problems increased with the idea of ​​selling Zaki and the upcoming offers and the sums required, and with it increased the preoccupation of Zaki, the Zamalek president remained adhering to his rejection of offers with many reasons and with a weak culture of professionalism at the time, he did not write to those negotiations with success.

Maybe that was the highlight of Amr Zaki’s career, yes he starred for some time after that, but things got worse in the end.

10 years of glory and from Amr Zaki in the stadiums, a unique striker that we do not meet much in Egypt, everything happened to him quickly, he starred and won some titles and touched the sky of the English Premier League easily, but he never returned as it was after his trip in Wigan.

“In the end, I returned to Egypt, and after I was facing Liverpool and Chelsea, I started playing in the Egyptian league and found it difficult to adapt again.”

On Amr Zaki’s birthday, to give him the praise he deserves, an attacker who fights for his chance is a station and a goal. He increased it, fighting every opportunity and supporting his team as much as possible.

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