Egyptian Health: 112 new infections and 15 deaths were recorded in the Corona virus


Egyptian Health: 112 new infections and 15 deaths were recorded in the Corona virus


                    Amr Abdallah Dalsh

Corona virus outbreak in Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that 112 infections and 15 new deaths from the Corona virus were recorded in the country during the past 24 hours, in a remarkable decline for both rates on a daily basis compared to the previous statistic.

Khaled Mujahid, Advisor to the Minister of Health and Population for Media Affairs and Spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Health, told a press conference on Sunday evening that 112 new cases have been proven positive for laboratory analysis of the virus, including a foreign person, as part of the surveillance and investigation procedures according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

Mujahid said that the general outcome of those who are registered with the Corona virus in Egypt has reached 3144 cases so far.

The new outcome indicates a significant decrease in the number of daily injuries compared to the previous day, as this rate in the Saturday statistic reached a record number of 188 cases.

The Egyptian health official said that the number of deaths from the disease rose during the past 24 hours by 15 new cases and reached the level of 239, while this average Saturday reached 18 people.

He also reported that 31 of those infected with Coronavirus have been discharged from isolation and quarantine hospitals, all of them Egyptian, after receiving the necessary medical care and recovery, bringing the total number of people recovered to 732 cases until today.

He added that the number of cases in which the results of his laboratory analyzes turned from positive to negative increased to 1001 cases.

Nasser Hatem

Source: RT


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