Egypt: Spring Season without concerts or movies


For the first time in Egypt, for many years, concerts and movies have been completely stagnated in the spring season, due to the decisions to close all theaters and not to hold parties, to limit the spread of the new Corona virus “Covid 19”.

Singer Tamer Hosni previously announced the suspension of all his concerts, since last March, until the end of April, as part of “Sham El-Naseem” concerts, whether in Egypt or Britain, which was also linked to the revival of a concert.

Concerts were also canceled for Ahmed Gamal, Mahmoud Al-Leithi, Diab, Hamada Hilal, Shahinaz, Bossi, Saad Al-Soghair and Abdel-Baset Hamouda.

The concert of the Lebanese singer Assi Al-Hillani was supposed to take place in Hurghada, Egypt, on the 26th of last month, and it was postponed and was to be held this month, but it was also postponed.

The “El Sawy Culture Wheel” and all clubs canceled all the concerts that were scheduled for this season, as is the practice every year. The concerts of the Egyptian Opera House were also canceled, and the initiative launched by the Ministry of Culture, headed by Enas Abdel Dayem, was limited to “Stay in the house … Culture is in your hands.”

The ministry broadcast old new concerts through its YouTube channel, and achieved some of the parties that had great success, as happened in Omar Khairat’s concert, and the “hologram” concert for “Planet of the East” Umm Kulthum, where they achieved very high viewership.

In remarks to Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed, concert sponsor Ayman Al-Deghaidi said that the season in the singing market’s language is completely “whacked”, explaining that “he was considered one of the most prominent singing seasons, and the parties in it were countless, and it was similar to the Eid Al-Fitr season.”

But this is no longer present, according to Degheidy, hoping that “life returns to normal and everyone returns to work as it was, so what happens is ruin of homes,” as he put it.

The cinematic field, in turn, is clearly experiencing suffering. There will be no film season in the Spring Festival, knowing that it was one of the upcoming cinematic seasons in Egypt, to display many new films, due to the decision to close theaters issued by the Egyptian Prime Minister.

Immediately prior to the issuance of the decision, films were screened in cinemas such as “Day and Night” by Khaled Al Nabawi, “Fund of the World” by Khaled Al Sawi, “Thief of Baghdad” by Muhammad Adel Imam, and “Secondary Girls” by Jamila Awad and Hanadi Muhanna, “with the knowledge of access” and Basma’s “New Year”.

Film distributor Mahmoud Al-Dafrawi, in exclusive statements, told Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed that “cinema has not yet been significantly affected by the Corona crisis, especially since this period will not witness the display of new films, because the Spring Festival season comes this year coinciding with RAMADAN month”.
This means, according to Al-Dafrawi, that “audiences will not accept movies in theaters”, hoping that “cinema will come back strongly during the Eid Al-Fitr season, and the public turnout will return to theaters, because cinema is next to its entertainment side, which is also an industry.”


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