Egypt .. Resolve the debate over fasting Ramadan in the shadow of Corona


Egypt .. Resolve the debate over fasting Ramadan in the shadow of Corona



The Egyptian Minister of Endowments, Muhammad Mukhtar Juma, has finally settled the debate about fasting in the month of Ramadan, in light of the Corona virus pandemic.

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A statement from the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa regarding

Jumaa said that the premise of fasting is based on non-people with corona, and those with excuses.

He added in a statement on Monday, that based on the phone call he made with Health Minister Hala Zayed, during which she confirmed that there is no effect of the Coronavirus on fasting for the uninfected and those with sick excuses, “May God bless them all,” and that fasting has no effect whatsoever on the spread Corona virus, and that there is no problem in fasting healthy people, but breakfast for those infected with the virus and those with excuses who are recommended by doctors for breakfast.

He pointed out that the most important thing in the face of the spread of the Corona virus is the process of social separation, and taking preventive measures against disinfection, sterilization and other instructions of the Ministry of Health in this, and full compliance with the procedures of the competent authorities in those who apply to self-isolation or quarantine.

He said that those who break the sick and those who have excuses are divided into two parts: “His excuse is a temporary emergency, and this is for him to judge if he recovers, and his illness is chronic. Almighty God Almighty to expedite the scourge of the country and all the people and humanity. ”

Source: Masrawy


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