Egypt – Ibn Al-Muji reveals his secrets with Halim: My father worked as a lighting worker for love in Nightingale


(MENAFN – Youm7) Al-Muji Al-Saghir, son of the great musician, Mohammed Al-Muji, said that the dark nightingale, Abdel Halim Hafez, was like the father, uncle and uncle of him, and that his brothers remained the sons of the great musician, who was a companion of Omar Al-Andaleeb’s life and a friend of his age.

Al-Muji Al-Saghir said during the seminar held by the group of sons of artists of Zamil Al-Jamil “Online” to commemorate the death of the Nightingale Asmar that he had many memories with Abdel Halim Hafez, who attended his birthday and the birth of other brothers and was closely associated with them.

Ibn Al-Musiqar Muhammad Al-Muji said: “Halim used to consider us his children and he always followed us and asked about us and was keen to celebrate our birthdays, follow our study news and encourage us to study, so that he decided during one of the years that was my result and the result of my bad brothers, and some of us got supplements not to go to the resort, He told us, “You are forbidden from the resort, and all your tickets are in the heat, so you will be denied.”

He continued: “We complained to my father and told him he is Abdel-Halim, he will rule in us, so he said what your uncle Halim said will be executed, and then the nightingale called and said if you remember and succeed you will be rewarded, and indeed we remembered and we all succeeded and we went to tell him and he was very happy. My brother, London Secretary, Halim paid us the expenses of the trip and said if you need anything, say me because you worked hard and heard the words.

Al-Muji Al-Saghir talked about the scenes of the birth of a number of the masterpieces of the nightingale that his father composed, including the song “Nar Ya Habibi Nar,” which was written by the poet of a thousand songs by the great poet Morsi Jamil Aziz, with whom the wave musician collaborated a lot. Halim Ali composing the clip “Yamdoubni in the sweetest torment, I send you an answer” and asked to change it, but the wave was convinced of it, so Halim asked him to travel to Ajami for a while to change the cobble.

Ibn al-Musiqar Muhammad al-Muji continued: “My father returned after a while and Halim asked him: I changed, so Abu Aywah answered, I changed the atmosphere, but I did not change the cobble, and I wouldn’t change it and tried his rich at a party in front of the audience before filming the song within the story of the story of love”

Al-Muji Al-Sagheer explained that Halim responded to his father’s desire, and when he sang the song in front of the audience, the clip that the most objected to was the passage. The audience admired and demanded that it be repeated more than once. ”

The son of the musician, Muhammad Al-Mugi, indicated that his father, due to his intense love for Halim, played the role of lighting during the filming of the song. Peace and grabbed the spotlight and the lights on the band. Indeed, my father worked in the place of the lighting worker for love in Halim, and after he finished filming the scene, he came down, and said to you to God, the richness was fire, and the lamp was fire and laughed together.

Al-Muji Al-Saghir confirmed that Halim was the one who was named after him, as his real name was Al-Muji Mohamed Al-Muji and when he started his artistic career and Halim saw him in the international club’s program, he and the singer Ali Al-Hajjar at the beginning of their journey expressed his admiration for them. My name is Al-Muji Mohammed Al-Muji, and he said to me: Your father’s name will not revive your structures and people will say Mohammed Al-Muji, and he said: “My love in you will be my name, and Abdel Halim Al-Muji remains.” And I liked the name chosen by my uncle Halim. “



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