Egypt breaking news – Egypt News: Dakahlia Governor: Sean and silos received 37 thousand tons of wheat


The most important and recent breaking news – Egypt News: Egypt today: Sunday, April 26, 2020
With details of the news: Egypt’s breaking news – Egypt News: Dakahlia Governor: Sean and Silos received 37 thousand tons of wheat | Video and photos

Egypt News: The governor of Dakahlia, Dr. Ayman Mokhtar announced that wheat silos have received 37,000 tons since the start of the supply season in mid-April. .

This came on Sunday during the governorates of Dakahlia inspected the process of supplying wheat in the Mit Ghamr silo to check the progress of work in it and ensure that there are no obstacles.

The governor of Dakahlia inspects the outlets to adjust prices in the first days of Ramadan

The governor’s tour comes within the framework of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s directives to provide our own food resources and provide the necessary support to farmers and suppliers of the wheat crop.

During the tour, the governor of Dakahlia governed the regular movement of wheat crop supply in Shun and Mit Ghamr silos, with a capacity of 60,000 tons.

The governor of Dakahlia confirmed that the state is making great efforts to facilitate procedures for receiving wheat from farmers, farmers and suppliers and to facilitate the movement of delivery in a way that ensures the flow of the supply process.

The governor of Dakahlia stressed on ensuring the quality of the wheat and following up the storage condition in silos and shouns continuously.

The governor of Dakahlia said that we are targeting the receipt of 225 thousand tons, as the area planted with wheat this year amounted to 263 thousand and 323 acres, and the average supply of acres is tons. He pointed out that the governorate has 29 Shaun sites and silos to receive wheat to accommodate more than 300 thousand tons.

The governor of Dakahlia confirmed the heads of the centers, cities and neighborhoods within which Shun or Silos fall within the importance of following up the paving of roads leading to Shun and storage silos across the province to facilitate access to them in supply vehicles and continued coordination and cooperation between all agencies to deal immediately to remove any obstacles and prepare traffic reports and follow-up follow-up in this regard To take immediate action on any obstacles.

The governor was accompanied by the engineer, Mr. Daira, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Supply, Major General Amr, head of the Mit Ghamr Center and City, and the engineer Issam Al-Najjar, general manager of the Dakahlia Silos, the holding company.

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