Dubai Labor Affairs issues a guide to preventive measures to combat Corona – Across the Emirates – News and Reports


The Permanent Committee for Workers Affairs in Dubai has issued a guide including preventive measures to combat the Corona virus (Covid 19) for workers, drivers and workers’ housing supervisors, distributed to 500 companies in Dubai to ensure their health and safety.

The guide comes within a package of extensive and extensive awareness-raising initiatives and campaigns implemented by the committee on ways of prevention and protection to be followed to combat the virus, targeting companies throughout the emirate of Dubai and workers’ accommodations and workplaces in the various emirates, in order to spread awareness among this category and guide them on preventive measures That must be taken by them, as it comes within the framework of the preventive efforts and the precautionary measures taken to combat this virus.

Safety of workers

Major General Obaid Muhair bin Surur, Deputy Director of the General Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Workers Affairs in the Emirate of Dubai: The committee is always keen on providing the best working conditions for all workers in Dubai and in all circumstances to ensure their health and safety, adding that the committee is doing its best to support the efforts The tremendous efforts made at Dubai level to address this virus, which has swept the world, and it is our duty and responsibility to continue awareness-raising efforts to ensure the highest levels of protection, especially with the extension of sterilization operations in the Emirate of Dubai 24 hours a day, with the aim of accelerating the fight against the emerging virus and ensuring the elimination of As soon as possible.

The team of the labor committee carried out a field visit to the workers’ homes since the date of March 15th to guide workers and educate them with preventive measures to protect against the virus (Covid 19) and to ensure that workers are familiar with the health and safety regulations and requirements and verify their commitment to them, where guidance and awareness posters were distributed to housing Workers, in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and English, to urge them to adhere to health precautions in dealing with this virus, other than that distributing sterilization and personal hygiene tools for them.

The committee also made sure to provide them with contact numbers, whether with the Health Authority, Dubai Police or the Labor Committee, and an educational video was prepared to broadcast in several languages ​​on how to protect the worker’s health and how to deal with the disease if any injury occurred.

Due precautions

The guide includes the definition of the virus, the ways of transmission and how it spreads, and the precautions to be taken at the personal level to protect against this virus, as the guide has been distributed to 500 companies in the Emirate of Dubai and directed them towards taking preventive measures towards workers, their housing and transport buses.

Major General bin Surur said: The guide is in line with the national agenda for the UAE vision 2021, which aims to implement a health system based on the highest international standards, where the state works in cooperation with all health authorities in the country to establish the preventive aspect, reduce the disease rate, prevent health hazards, and deal with disaster and epidemics With precision and professionalism, through following the proper health rules and in accordance with the highest international standards, as well as societal and institutional awareness has a great role in terms of addressing the risks arising from the occurrence of such disasters

Major General bin Suroor stressed the state’s keenness to provide all means of health education and prevention of these dangers, explaining that the guide is a comprehensive reference for dealing with emergency cases in labor camps and workplaces, and it sets strict health rules, which must be complied with in order to reach the least damages to all Levels.



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