Dubai facilitates the transportation of 39,000 tourists aboard 13 ships stuck in the region


Emirates News Emirates Today News: Dubai facilitates the transportation of 39 thousand tourists aboard 13 ships stuck in the region Source of the news – Emirates News today with details of the news Dubai facilitates the transportation of 39 thousand tourists aboard 13 ships trapped in the region:

Emirates News today in a sublime message that reflects the awareness of various sectors and departments Dubai has received 13 cruise ships suspended in the region, carrying approximately 39 thousand people, with 29 thousand passengers and 10 thousand sea crews, in order to facilitate the process of their exit and departure of the state in all its flow to their home countries. What confirms Dubai’s ability and capabilities in dealing with emergency situations, global challenges in all their forms, the humanitarian approach and civilized initiatives that were directed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

In implementation of the directives of the Dubai government regarding the preventive and precautionary measures of the new Corona virus (Covid 19), the process of reception and evacuation of passengers took place amid all preventive and preventive measures of intensive and continuous checks and operations, and comprehensive sterilization of all facilities according to the highest health standards and guidelines and instructions adopted in this regard.

Marassi “P&O”, the operational arm of Dubai World Ports, announced its completion of the marine tourism season by working closely with all cruise operators and marine agents, in an appropriate manner that guarantees the satisfaction of our partners and the safe return of all passengers of trips to their countries, taking into account the utmost degree caring for the health of individuals And their safety, in cooperation with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai and coordination with all of its strategic partners, such as the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Emirates Airlines, Dubai Customs and the General Administration of Residence and Foreign Affairs and the Dubai Health Authority.

“A series of precautionary measures were implemented to prevent the emerging Crohn virus (Covid 19), which included all precautionary and preventive measures, and our employees were instructed with all exceptional health-related measures and protocols, postponing All events and activities where the crowd meets, even in closed meeting rooms, and we restrict the provision of meals in all restaurants available in our business areas to delivery services and ready orders. “

He added that “the smoothness with which the conclusion of the marine tourism season was accomplished and amid these urgent international circumstances confirms Dubai’s global role in leading the marine sector and its global competence in receiving 13 giant cruise ships and enabling tourists and marine crews to depart to their home countries with all comfort, amid distinct preventive measures. And we confirm here We place all our resources and energies in closely monitoring the situation and in direct coordination with health authorities and authorities, and we reiterate our commitment and compliance with the directives and instructions of the Dubai government in this regard. ”

For his part, Hamad Bin Mejren, Dubai’s First Vice President of Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing, said: “Dubai has global capabilities in facing challenges in various sectors, and the tourism sector comes in the priority of these sectors. Dubai’s success in the end of its marine tourism season with utmost The smoothness and unimpeded consolidation of Dubai’s leading position in marine tourism, and its ability to cope with any emergency conditions efficiently. ”


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