Drop XL .. a new wireless charger for smartphones



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Wednesday 1/4 2020 10:34 AM Abu Dhabi time

New wireless charger from Native Union

Native Union has introduced the Drop XL wireless charger that allows charging of two smartphones or a smartphone, the Apple AirPods and the Apple Watch smart watch at the same time, thanks to the removable Apple Watch charging disc.

The charging disc of the Native Union is removable, so two smartphones can be charged at the same time.

The new Drop XL wireless charger can be used to charge Android phones up to 10 watts, and the charger capacity drops to 7.5 watts when charging the Apple iPhone, and the device includes two Qi charging files, so that simultaneous charging of two compatible devices can be done.

The wireless charger is made of a combination of aluminum, polyester and plastic, and polyester forms the non-slip contact surface on which the devices to be shipped are placed.

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