Dreams: I hope the zero hour will come!


Emirati artist Ahlam announced her fight against the Corona virus in her own way. She posted on “Instagram” a video through which she announced the launch of the “hashtag” “zero hour”, calling on her followers to participate in order to reach zero infections in the Emirates and she hoped that the Arab world and the world would get rid of the virus.

He interacted with many dreams, and achieved more than 335,000 views in the first five hours after publication. She drew attention in her spontaneous and natural way, and was affected by the situation the world is witnessing in these difficult circumstances.

I enclosed the passage with the comment: “To prove to the whole world that we are responsible and above all expectations and under the orders of our leaders, hearing and obedience. Our goal is to reach our beloved country to zero status infected with Coronavirus, so let us begin in the name of God.”

It is noteworthy that Ahlam also participates through her accounts on social media in awareness campaigns that aim to invite everyone to abide by the rules of home quarantine, which aims to reduce the spread of virus infection.


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