DP World launches online trading platforms


Dubai: «The Gulf»
“DP World” has launched advanced tools and logistical services on the Internet, covering sea, land and air freight around the world. Thanks to this system connected to several platforms, freight forwarders and all companies will be able to book cargo shipments to and from anywhere in the world, and through any arrangements that include sea, land and air freight. This initiative represents a major step forward in the digitization of logistics management, which aims to increase the efficiency, clarity and flexibility of global supply chains.

And DP World has accelerated the start of operation of the already planned platforms, to help companies meet the challenge of the Covid-19 crisis and maintain the flow of trade that includes food and biomedical supplies.
This initiative comes after DP World’s acquisition of “SeaRates.com”, a digital platform that enables customers to transport goods around the world with a click on a computer, in addition to the “LandRates.com” and “AirRates.com” platforms. “DP World” has also established the “Digital Shipping Consortium” (DFA), which is an online association that brings freight forwarders globally on one platform, which gives them access to new tools, methods and services and enables them to do more business in any Time and from anywhere.
“The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that we must do our best to strengthen supply chains in order to maintain trade flow, even in times of unprecedented challenges,” said Mike Pascaran, Executive Director of Operations for Logistics and Technology at Dubai Ports World Group. Faced by the world. The vision of “DP World” is to digitize supply chains while taking advantage of the global infrastructure for ports, container terminals, economic areas and other assets.
He added: “Our new platforms will transfer the management of cargo transportation to the Internet, and it will enable our customers to achieve a higher level of efficiency of supply chains and enhance clarity and predictability, which helps them grow their businesses and continue to supply countries with the goods and vital commodities they need in light of this crisis.”
The growing global network of ports, container terminals and economic areas of Dubai World Ports is the cornerstone of the business with more than 150 operations in more than 50 countries. The digital and logistical trading platforms will benefit from this vast network of infrastructure in the real world to provide integrated supply chain services from the point of shipment to the destination of goods.
Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chairman and CEO of the Group, “DP World” said: “We believe that our new platforms, which include the” Digital Shipping Association “, will contribute to creating new business opportunities for our customers, even in times of sudden economic downturn.”
He added, “This technology is a direct enabler for business. The process of digitizing trade will help companies do more work and more efficiently. It will also support the global imperative to sustain trade during the current crisis to help meet demand from global markets. ”


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