Doubts about a laboratory in Wuhan … Is the virus born there?


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It seems that the American accusations that have been made against some officials against China in the United States, headed by President Donald Trump, did not come from a vacuum.

Doubts circulated again about a laboratory in Wuhan, which proved that he was conducting tests on the Corona virus, and the infection may have spread from it through one of its employees, excluding the theory of deliberate spreading the infection or creating the epidemic.

In this context, US intelligence and national security officials revealed to CNN Thursday that the US government is continuing to investigate whether the new virus was created in a Chinese laboratory, and not in a meat and fish market.

An intelligence official familiar with the government’s analysis of the American network added that the theory of US intelligence officials investigating the emergence of Corona states that the virus originated in a laboratory in China and was accidentally released to the public.

Other sources also reported that American intelligence was not able to confirm this theory, but it is trying to distinguish whether someone was injured in the laboratory through a specific accident or mishandling of materials, and injured others.

From Wuhan (archive - AFP)
From Wuhan (archive – AFP)

A worker in the infection transfer lab to the meat market

This information comes to intersect with what the US President said on Wednesday evening that his government is trying to determine whether the virus came out of a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

Knowing that the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Millie, said on Tuesday that US intelligence believed that the virus probably originated naturally, and that it had not been synthesized in a laboratory in China, but there was no confirmation of either possibility.

Mnohan (April 13, 2020 - Reuters)
Mnohan (April 13, 2020 – Reuters)

It also intersects with Fox News’ precedent that what it published yesterday, Wednesday, that the virus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, not as a biological weapon, but as part of China’s endeavor to show that its efforts to monitor and combat viruses equal or exceed the capabilities of the United States.

This report and other reports indicated that poor safety standards in the laboratory where the virus testing was conducted in Wuhan caused someone to become infected and appear in a market where the virus began to circulate.

The State-backed Wuhan Institute of Virology last February denied rumors that the virus might have been synthesized in one of its laboratories, or that it had leaked from a laboratory.


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