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The first episode of the series “Beating the Sand”, in which the artist Khaled Abdel Rahman participated, sparked a wide interaction, and his name was released on the Saudi Twitter site, after the presentation of the first episode of it, amid mixed reactions among the audience.

According to the followers, the series achieved 12 million views in a record time of 25 minutes, without confirming the matter from specialized agencies, and the “CBC” channel was rated as the most searched channel during the work thanks to the drama “Beating the Sand”.

While a number of followers considered the series to be very modest, others published a statement by the artist Khaled Abdel Rahman, the hero of the work, not to surprise the audience from the first episode, and therefore it is not necessary to judge him from it.

Tweeters interacted with Twitter on video clips that were circulated for the first appearance of popular singer Khaled Abdel Rahman as an actor in the series “Hitting the Sand”.

The videos documented the appearance of the artist Khaled Abdel Rahman in several scenes in the personality of “Shuqair”, most notably when he gave advice to “Sheikh Mubarak” saying “what is priced today at one rial, a ball of ten” in the context of his comment on the impact of his company in conjunction with the loss of a group of shares.

Some followers emphasized the artist’s success in embodying the personality of “Shqair” despite being his first acting work, while others called for careful and not to judge the artwork in general from his first episode.

The channel “CBC” went through the production of the series “Hitting the Sand”, as it is the first feature drama based on the trilogy “Hitting the Sand” by the novelist Mohammed Al-Muzaini, which he published successively during three years from “2008 to 2010”.

The novel is a historical epic that records the transformations of Saudi society during three generations since the year 1956, through the eighties of the last century and ended with the modern era.

The series that carries the same title of the novel to write these stages comes with a contemporary dramatic template and it seems that it is the new direction of the Radio and Television in presenting serious local Saudi works of high artistic value and a new experience for paying attention to the important Saudi novelistic works and presenting them to the Saudi and Arab scenes.

The series reviews important events from Saudi social history, including mental traders and the changes that accompanied the economic periods that had the greatest impact on the formation of Saudi culture and society.

The series is written by Mohammed Al-Muzaini and directed by Majed Al-Rubaian. It is starring a group of Saudi drama stars.

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