Dolly Shaheen: Nisab and Harami … Who did you mean?


The Lebanese actress raisedDolly ShaheenA big controversy, on her social media page, with a tough message she sent to someone who did not reveal his name.
She wrote: “Actually strange for the remainder of the quorum, my thief, my homosexual, and I live on one’s back, six, and you do not claim honor and morality …. Actually hypocrisy … and for modification, my friend … Ashraf from your ancient lineage and other amendment, my respected, workers who threaten all forged papers, I reserve But it was possible to use it, but to really get away from those who respected you, do not take offense, and do not take action against you …
Golly’s followers asked about the name of the person you were referring to, while some expected her divorce director, Bakhos Alwan, to be divorced, especially with the many problems between them during the recent period, and accusing him of more than one press interview that he exploited and that he was not spending on her.


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