Does Corona affect the masculinity and reproduction of those recovering from it?


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

The Corona virus continues to haunt the whole world, with its repercussions, complications and great effects on all aspects of life, and it claimed the lives of thousands of people infected with it.

And after it was proven that the virus can be cured and recovered from, which embodied in the recovery of many cases and fully recovered, however Chinese studies have confirmed that the complications of the virus may continue for some recoverers, and affect their reproductive status, and those complications may reach sterility.

In an exclusive interview with, Dr. Amr Dwidar, consultant of masculinity and infertility at Nasr City Hospital in the Egyptian capital Cairo, reveals that complications of the Corona virus may leave effects on the testicles, reduce the number of sperm, and thus reduce the reproductive capacity, and may reach sterility .

Dr.. Amr Dowidar
Dr.. Amr Dowidar

And he adds that “two situations must be distinguished: the first is that the virus has entered the body and exited it without reaching the lung, and the second is the virus’s arrival in the lung and its disposal after that through treatment and the immune system. In the first case, no damage from the virus has entered the body and exited It is like DNA and genetic acid, without turning into a living cell that spreads and multiplies in the lung cells, or leaves fundamental complications, or affects other body functions and capabilities, “adding that attention should be paid to the second case, which is” the virus’s arrival to the lung, and then the complications are strong and their effects may continue “.


And a consultant of male and female infertility diseases says that studies conducted at Tongji University in Wuhan, China, on previous viruses of the same family of Corona, which is SARS and Corona, which appeared in the year 2014, and revealed the presence of the effects of these viruses on sexual ability and reproductive health, where It causes damage and destruction to the cells of the testicles, and reduces the number of sperm produced from them, as it reduces male hormones such as androgen and testosterone, adding that the current virus does not know its effects yet because it is new, but its complications will certainly not be less or different from the complications of viruses of the same species, which is SARS Corona 2014.

He says that the Corona virus interacts with enzymes called Ace2, which are present in large quantities in the testes, as well as in other organs such as the kidneys and the heart, and after its interaction with them causes inflammation of the mucous membranes of these devices, and may cause atrophy of the testicles, and their small size, similar to other viruses that have been proven So, like SARS, hepatitis C, mumps, and corona 2014, it could get worse and get sterile.

He adds that the solution to face this is to treat the blood vessels that connect to the reproductive system, and activate them with certain drugs to increase the quantities of blood flow to them, pointing out that those who recover from the Corona virus need a set of other tests to ensure that there are no effects and complications of the virus on the kidneys, testes and heart.


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