Doctors warn of a “myth” circulated online as preventing a corona infection!


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Doctors warn of

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Experts have warned that allegations that breast / breast milk can prevent or treat corona virus are not confirmed.

The theory, circulated on social media, indicates that breast milk “contains antibodies to Covid-19”.

Since then, doctors have criticized this “myth”, saying there is no evidence that breast milk prevents infection with the Corona virus.

Instead, they urge people to practice good hygiene and wash their hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

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And in her conversation with CBS News“There is no evidence that breast milk can treat corona disease, or give you antibodies. There is no data on this topic, yet,” said Dr. Diane Hess, a pediatrician at Gramercy Paediatrics in New York City.

Likewise, Dr. Sarah Jarvis, clinical director of, has warned people not to listen to large groups of Corona virus myths about how to cope with the virus.

Speaking to Sun Online, Sarah said: “There are hundreds of myths about how to protect yourself against Covid-19. Most of them are exactly – myths. There are clear ways you can protect yourself which are the messages we continuously send – washing your hands completely and avoiding communicating with others as much Possible. Please do not listen to any other nonsense. ”

The “myth” about the Corona virus and breast milk appeared, after people promoted its benefits on the Internet, as a “super food” with immune-enhancing properties.

While breast milk is beneficial to a child’s immune system, Dr. Hess warned against the lack of evidence to support the presence of corona virus antibodies in breast milk.

Source: The Sun


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