“Doctors” addressed Madbouly to the complaints of the isolation doctors in Ajami


03:22 PM

Saturday 18 April 2020

Books – Ahmed Jumaa:
Today, Saturday, the Medical Syndicate sent a letter to Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, which includes several complaints from the medical team at Al-Ajmi Model Hospital for Isolation in Alexandria.

In its speech, the union said that the doctor was relaxed and postponed to one of the doctors who informed the hospital director that he had a positive coronary condition before he came to work in the hospital, and that the doctor was left in the work team for more than 48 hours despite his great urgency to speed the analysis work before mixing it with a team Work or sick.

She explained that after the result of the doctor’s positive analysis of the virus appeared, and after its isolation another smear was made under the name of “confirmation smear”, and this smear came out negative (there is a negative% احتمال of any smear for a positive patient), and the hospital director asked him to continue his work, but he refused and insisted On making a third smear, the third smear appeared positive, and he is currently in isolation.

The union added that the new doctors were housed with the old doctors who were in direct contact with the patients, and this contradicts the rules of infection control and the result of an analysis appeared last Friday that two doctors (from the old) were already infected, and a new female doctor had been housed with them in the same room.

And she continued: “The hospital administration assigned the responsibility of some of the internal departments to doctors of relative distant specialties such as (women and obstetrics, psychiatry, surgery), without adequate training on specific protocols for treatment.”

The Medical Association called for taking the necessary measures towards these behaviors so that their recurrence does not cause the spread of infection, renewing its request to announce the technical and administrative protocols, infection control and unified treatment in isolation and quarantine hospitals.


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