Djokovic expects to resume the tennis season with regional sessions


Paris – World number one Novak Djokovic predicted on Tuesday that the tennis season will resume with regional sessions, due to restrictions on travel around the world against the backdrop of a new Corona virus that will not allow players to move easily.

The professional and professional associations suspended the season in the month of March until the middle of July at the very least, knowing that the French Championship Roland Garros, the second Grand Slam, was postponed to September, while the English Wimbledon Championship was canceled.

“I think there will be more regional courses. I think it will happen very soon,” Djokovic said during a direct interview with Italian Fabio Fonini via Instagram.

“I don’t know what will happen with regard to the quarantine. Spain, Italy and all countries around the world will have different models (out of it) … It will be difficult to resume the tour around the world because our tour is weekly in different countries,” he added.

“So I think there will be regional courses, but maybe without the points being harvested at the moment, because it’s very complicated,” Noli said.


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