Disclosure of the treatment used by Arab countries and “Egypt” against Corona


Mohamed Awad Tag El Din, Advisor to the Egyptian President for Health Affairs, revealed the treatment that Egypt is using to help those infected with the Corona virus recover.Taj Al-Din said in a phone call through the “happening in Egypt” program, that Egypt had contacted with the countries of China, Germany and Italy to reach the best that could be provided for the treatment of patients in Egypt, where all the drugs that were circulated globally were used in the treatment of Corona.

He explained that the treatment protocol is 24 hours a day, and during the days of care there is a specialized medical medical team that discusses the available drugs and treatment methods.

He added that the treatment programs are updated according to what is available, and it is also possible to change the types of medications that the patient gets, after knowing the side effects and their impact on him, especially if he suffers from diseases such as diabetes, pressure and kidneys.

He stressed that there is no specific drug yet that has been finally treated that treats the Corona virus, noting that all the drugs that people who are infected with the Corona virus are only two types, the first of which is “anti-virus drugs or work against viruses” in an attempt to curb this virus, and there are other drugs that are known Since the time of “treating immune diseases”, such as “Avigan”, “chloroquine” and “hydrochlorine”, which are used in the treatment of people with malaria and rheumatoid, the immune plasma has also been used for those who were cured of Corona in treating some severe cases.

He pointed out that all the medicines used in the world to treat the Corona virus were brought to Egypt, even those that were not available, were provided and used to treat the infected.


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