“Dior” is also … Corona is fighting


While the Corona epidemic is overshadowing various sectors around the world, foremost of which is the fashion industry, it is the intention of famous institutions and institutions to engage in attempts to help limit its spread and support health care personnel.After Chanel Group announced a few days ago its intention to produce protective masks and shirts, Christian Dior French Haute Couture revealed on Tuesday that one of its units began to produce masks for workers in supermarkets and other sectors that are still operating during a virus outbreak Corona Novel.
Dior, owned by LVMH, will produce protective equipment at a factory in Brittany in northern France, which usually produces high-end children’s clothing, but volunteers will do the work. All other Dior production sites had been closed.
The house also noted that the muzzles will be donated to workers in key jobs such as “transportation or food distribution”.


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