Did Slava Mimar intentionally insult Lebanese drama? .. Know the details


The pioneers of Social Media shared a photo that had been re-shared by the Syrian actress “Sulafa Mimar” through her account on Twitter, describing the Lebanese series as “Al-Ai”.

The beginning of the matter when the Lebanese journalist “Ghadi Francis” shared a comment about the Sulafa series “A Safe Distance” in which he said, “I never attended series. From afar, I would like her head, but I did not see Ashia Helou from this series on Instagram, today I blew a safety distance, a quarter of a scene from the first “Bisawi episode,” Sixty episode, “I am from the Lebanese sensation, which is called Halo,” and the journalist added to the tweet congratulations to Slava on the occasion of her birthday.

The strange thing is that Sulafa re-shared this tweet via her Twitter account, and then removed it a few hours after the impact of the Social Media pioneers attack on her, as some accused her of trying to create problems, while some defended Sulafa and considered it right and all that was stated in the tweet is true.

It is noteworthy that Sulafa is absent from the Ramadan drama for this season, and her presence as a guest of honor in the series “Al-Haramlik” was limited to the beginning of the episodes.

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