Did Samer Al-Masry change his shape because of the house stone? .. See his photo!


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The Syrian artist Samer Al-Masry published two photos of him through his account on Instagram, one of which appears with long hair and a beard, and the second with his short hair and trimmed beard and commented on them: “Before the stone and after the stone” considering that the image in which he appears with a long beard due to the closure of barber centers and salons and home stone to prevent from Corona virus emerging.

In the same context, on the subject of the Corona virus, Al-Masry previously published a video entitled “Greater than Corona”, in which he called on everyone to stand together, stand beside each other and adhere to preventive measures for the meeting to be renewed, and stressed that awareness and responsibility are the factors of victory against the pandemic.


Al-Masry recently launched a challenge that each person sings words that simulate the current situation about the Corona virus, and this challenge met a great reaction from the audience who shared the songs of his artist on his page, after Al-Masry challenged a number of fellow artists who shared this challenge.

Drama 2020

On the other hand, and on his dramatic contributions for the current year, Al-Masry will participate for the first time in Gulf drama through the Saudi series “Maji”, which is filmed in Georgia, and the artist will embody the role of a mafia gangster, and the events of the series will take place within the framework of action, suspense and excitement.

Al-Masry has also finished filming his scenes in the series “Al-Haramlik” in its second part, which is directed by Tamer Ishaq, written by Suleiman Abdel Aziz, and produced by Clacket Media Company. The work revolves around the Mamluk era’s arrival to power before the period of the Ottoman rule.

Al-Masry continues to embody the role of “Hilal”, which he presented in the first part, where the dramatic line of his character will escalate, accompanied by his brother “Hashem”, who plays the role of the Syrian artist Basem Yakhour.

Al-Masri is awaiting the screening of the international movie “The Misfits”, directed by Rene Harlin, who participated in it with the star of James Bond Pierce Bronsan, where the film was filmed in Abu Dhabi, and the film deals with the story of a criminal named Richard Pace, who finds himself stuck in a major theft that has great implications For his life now and in the future after he was recruited by a dangerous type of criminals.

Al-Masry plays the character of an Arab man named “Hassan”, who is the right hand of actor Tim Roth.


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