Did Dimit Ozdemir enter into a new love affair with this Turkish star?


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Hardly a month or a little more passes, but the press surprises us with new news that Turkish star Dimit Ozdemir has entered a new love relationship, as it was only 26 days since she broke up with the Turkish businessman Yaman Tasiroglu after a short relationship that started last February, even Turkish media reported that she had entered into a new relationship.

In the details reported by the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyat”, Ozdemir is now in a love relationship with the Turkish artist Karam Bursin, after they met more than once during the quarantine period, which some have explained that there is a greater relationship of friendship that brings the two parties together, and that they are now in a period Getting to know each other, taking advantage of their vacation period due to the conditions imposed by the new Corona virus.


Although Demet and Karam did not confirm or deny that news, there is an order that made all the fans of the two stars doubt that the news was true, after the Turkish star appeared during a live broadcast on his account on Instagram, while he drank a cup marked with the letter “D” It is the first letter of Demet’s name, although he was mentioned at the beginning of the meeting when asked whether he was still “celibate” or not, that he was still celibate.


The Arab public had a share in the commentary on the news that many Turkish celebrities reported, indicating that Demet had captured most of the hearts of Turkish stars, after having lived multiple love relationships, including Jan Yaman, Yusuf Cem, and Forkan Balali.

It is noteworthy that Karam Busin lived a love relationship with his Turkish colleague Serenai Sarikaya that lasted for 3 full years, but while everyone was preparing to announce their engagement, they were surprised by the news of the couple’s separation last April, and it was said at the time that the reason for this separation was that Serenai entered into a secret love relationship With a Turkish businessman.

While the last relationship of the Turkish star Ozdemir with the businessman Yaman Tasiroglu, who separated from him during their stay in the home stone, as she discovered that they did not match each other, especially as she got acquainted with Yaman while she was busy filming her series “The House where Your Destiny Was Born”, and she was unable to meet Using it for long periods, to discover during the stone that they are not suitable for each other.

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