Diab raises the voice in the face of Israeli violations: We will not be silent


While receiving Prime Minister Hassan Diab, the Commander of the UNIFIL forces operating in the south, General Stefano Del Cole. Between “Corona”, a remarkable position emerged yesterday for Diab, the first of its kind, regarding Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace.

Diab said to his guest that “Lebanon does not tolerate the repeated Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty,” noting that “the recent breach of airspace by Israel and the launching of missiles from Lebanese territory was a contempt for the call of the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to stop armed conflicts and air strikes and dedicate international efforts to address Corona Epidemic.

Diab called on the United Nations to publicly expose the latest Israeli violation, saying: “My government does not accept that this violation be merely an additional number to be placed in the drawers of the United Nations, and the international community will condon it. Also, the exchange of messages with the references concerned is not sufficient to put an end to the Israeli violations, and it must be aware that we will no longer submit to these violations as if they were normal or normal.

Diab’s sources told Al-Akhbar that the prime minister assured before Del Cole that “you should get used to a new style of dealing with such violations, and not the same as previous governments were dealing with”, and that “Lebanon will not deal with this matter indifferently as it was happening Referring to “meetings that will be held with the ambassadors of the major countries to discuss this matter, and Lebanon will move at the international level.” The sources said that «Diab stressed to Del Cole the necessity of pressuring the Israeli enemy, not that UNIFIL’s missions remain restricted to recording violations and putting them in the drawers, so the implementation of the 1701 cannot happen unilaterally.

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