Details of the last moments in the life of guest Ahmed and the number of his marriages


Today, Thursday, is the commemoration of the death of the comedian guest Ahmed, who presented many works of art that will remain engraved in the minds of the Arab viewer, and he is one of the members of the “Three Stage Lights” group. The guest Ahmed, who was said to have died due to drug use, died as a result of a heart attack, which was denied by the artist Samir Ghanem, his companion in the Trio Lights theater group, which also included the artist George Sidhom.

The guest Ahmed started his artistic career as a member of the Three Stage Lights Ensemble in association with Samir Ghanem and George Sidhom, and his talent in acting appeared while he was still a student, so he won several awards for the roles he performed on the university theater, as well as for directing him to several works of the world stage.

Technical magazines mentioned the details of his real death, noting that on the morning of Monday, April 16, 1970, on the same night, the guest was returning with his colleagues George Sidhom and Samir Ghanem from Jordan, where they watched in Amman the premiere of the movie “The Three Crazy”, and participated in the revival King Hussein’s sister’s wedding.

The guest began contacting members of the Three Stage Lights group to perform the final rehearsal of the play “The Man Who Nuts His Time”, which he directed and represented the role of the dead man, which is the last scene in the play.

Then the guest Ahmed went to his home, and the exhaustion appeared to him in an unusual way, and he told his wife, Nabila Mandour, “He senses fatigue and shortness of breath.” On the way before reaching the hospital


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