Details .. A new “briefing” on the latest developments in “Corona” – localities – others


The UAE government held a few moments ago a new briefing, in which it monitored the latest developments related to the “Corona” virus, and transmitted it to you “Emirates Today” directly on the air. The following is a statement:

The official spokesman for the health sector in the UAE, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, said that we are proud of a new achievement added to the health sector in the UAE, which is the establishment of the largest laboratory in the world within 14 days outside China to examine and diagnose the infection of the new Corona virus.

She added that the national prevention program was launched as a virtual platform, which includes all developments and decisions for those looking for any health information and guidance, which is the reliable source for obtaining the developments of procedures to prevent Covid 19 virus.

Al Hosani revealed that a field “prevention team” has been formed, which consists of a group of volunteers of all nationalities, in order to conduct field awareness and provide support to local communities of all nationalities.

She said that people who suffer from chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, arteries and respiratory diseases are the most unfortunately vulnerable group to complications from infection with the virus, and they must take more care to follow health instructions and physical spacing

Al-Hosani explained that the deceased cases are dealt with in accordance with the Islamic Sharia for Muslims, or the teachings of different religions, taking into account the implementation of all health preventive measures adopted in this regard.




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