“Delta Airlines” reveals the size of its daily losses after the outbreak of Corona


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Aircraft belonging to the American airline Delta Airlines

Aircraft belonging to the American airline Delta Airlines

The giant American airline “Delta Airlines” expected a huge decline in revenues for the second quarter of the year, reaching 90%, noting that the second quarter will be much more difficult than the first quarter in light of the continued spread of the Corona pandemic.

The company is still suffering from the decline in passenger numbers and revenues, as the number of passengers on its flights reached 38,000 last Saturday, compared to an average of 600,000 on Saturdays during the period at the end of March of each year.

The company said Saturday that it knows the worst is yet to come, adding that it is losing about $ 60 million a day.

It is expected that the flights of “Delta Airlines” will witness a sharp decline, reaching 80% during the month of April, from what was previously planned, in light of canceling 115 thousand flights.

“I wish I could have predicted that this would end soon, but the reality is that we simply do not know when the virus will be contained and when customers will be ready to travel again,” said Ed Bastian, chief executive of the US giant.

And the American airline, Delta Airlines, suspended flights to all European countries except Britain for 30 days, in light of US President Donald Trump’s decision to ban travel from various European Union countries with the exception of London to American soil.


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