Decision of what he attends regarding Riad Salama


The crazy rise in the exchange rate of the dollar, which crossed the evening of yesterday evening, topped the 4000-pound of official interest, with a number of presidential summonses for the Governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salameh, who visited the Baabda Palace and the Saraya government yesterday, coincided with an urgent meeting between Prime Minister Hassan Diab and the delegate of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, the deputy Ali Hassan Khalil in the government house, what appeared to be a decision attending about Riad Salama.

While some deputies called on the government to dismiss Salama to reset the monetary and banking situation and to avoid further aggravating the crisis that will eventually lead to the outbreak of a hungry revolution that will expand further after the ebb of the Corona epidemic will not end as the events of last October 17 ended. Whereas, some sources discussed talk about a government move today to dismiss Salama in today’s cabinet session.

Yesterday, there was information about a security spread around the safety of the house in Rabieh.

It was remarkable the statement of MP Faisal Karami, which empties in this direction, especially as Diab had promised yesterday, from the UNESCO Palace, to take decisive measures today, Friday, in response to Salama’s uniqueness in issuing circulars without coordination with the government. Karami said on Twitter: “Hassan Diab, all the masks have fallen off. The plot of 92 against Omar Karami is repeated against you and against the opportunity to save Lebanon. Let your priority blow up all the red lines that protect the governor of the Banque du Liban and the corruption system. The dollar game is the precursor to a social and perhaps security explosion, not deterred by reason or conscience. Attack, and God is with you.

Some money-changers sold the dollar yesterday at 4000 pounds and registered in the morning between 3500 Lebanese pounds (purchase) and 3600 pounds (sold) for one dollar.

The latest circulars issued by Salama have contributed to raising the dollar exchange rate, according to experts who indicated to the “construction” that the central ruler and according to the data and financial information in his possession know that the dollar will rise to 5000 pounds and perhaps more and for this reason it provides temptations for depositors to withdraw their money in pounds at a price Market 3500 to come back and buy dollars at 5000, so banks and money changers make profits.

This is if depositors find dollars at the cashiers. ”They asked: If it had not been known that the dollar would rise to 5000, would he buy it at 3,500? They questioned the legality of the circulars issued by the Bank of Lebanon, considering them as “piracy” operations on bank deposits in Lebanon and remittances of expatriates, wondering how the government, parliament, and the Ministry of Finance and the regulatory, judicial, and security bodies stand idly by regarding individual and indiscriminate safety behavior and in front of money changers and their fraudulent tricks with banks and the central bank .

And if the judiciary moved, he would face severe political pressure, or the investigation and control bodies of the Central Bank would stand in the face of an impenetrable dam in his face and refuse to cooperate with him and provide any information about the accounts as happened yesterday, and in a dangerous precedent where the investigation committee for combating money laundering in the central bank had refrained from providing the Attorney General The discriminatory judge Ghassan Oweidat in the names of the persons who made transfers from their accounts in Lebanese banks abroad. The authority pointed out that “the banks informed them that the funds in these people’s accounts do not have suspicions.”

Judge Aouidat received yesterday, in response to his book No. 294 / M / 2020 dated 3/19/2020 addressed to the side of the Special Investigation Commission (combating money laundering and terrorist financing) in the Bank of Lebanon, which includes its request to provide him with the names of the owners of the said transfers.

The answer book included: “With regard to transfers executed between July 1, 2019 and February 19, 2020, work is underway, and the file has been referred to the Banking Supervision Committee to conduct the required.”

The Free Patriotic Movement presented a report to Judge Oweidat regarding the transfer of billions of dollars abroad in 2019, especially after October 17 in a discretionary manner, and the continuation of this matter to date, which weighed heavily on the economy and affected depositors, especially the younger ones. The current attached to informing him of this with supporting documents to rely on, demanding that the necessary judicial and legal measures be taken to prosecute the perpetrators of these acts and return the money. The current stressed the completion of its fight against corruption in the parliament and in the judiciary seriously and accurately, away from the auctions and populism, hoping that political parties, judges and society will meet in this battle, to be able to liberate Lebanon from the most serious epidemic, which is corruption.

Experts warn of a new wave of food and vegetable prices due to the high exchange rate and the advent of Ramadan. While some analysts go to accuse the financial political system advanced by the opposition forces from the future and the socialist by using the dollar game as a weapon for political pressure on the government for internal and external reasons in cooperation with Salama, warning of “a planned plan to ignite the street again, the dollar will be its spark to turn into security tensions, as was the imposition of a tax on WhatsApp is the spark of the outbreak of the events of last October 17.

They asked about Salama’s silence regarding the continuation of the money transfers abroad and the role of the government commissioner with the Banque du Liban in this regard. They also called for the necessity to present the syndicate of cashiers in the person of its president Mahmoud Murad and members to trial for using the dollar to achieve great profits through monopolies and speculation in cooperation with the Bank of Lebanon.

The spark of popular movements began in a number of regions, most notably a massive demonstration in front of the Banque du Liban in Hamra yesterday evening, denouncing the bank’s financial policies. A number of protesters managed to bypass the barbed barrier over the outer wall of the Banque du Liban, and then exited at the request of the elements of the Internal Security Forces, who were entrusted with guarding the bank. There were also gatherings in front of the Banque du Liban building in Sidon. A number of demonstrators also smashed the facades of some banks in Tripoli.

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