Death miss the Omani artist, “Saud Al-Darmaki” after a struggle with disease – thought and art – the last page


The death of the Omani artist, Saud bin Salem Al Darmaki, at the age of 70 after suffering a health crisis in the recent period, was subsequently transferred to the hospital, as a result of being affected by a stroke he suffered nearly a year ago, according to the report of the “Atheer” website.

Al Darmaki is considered one of the most prominent actors and founders of the artistic movement in the Sultanate, as he began his artistic career since 1975, when he contributed to the establishment of a private theater that includes a group of young actors, including artist Talib Al Balushi and artist Fakhriya Khamis, so that his theater group will join in 1980 to work under the supervision of the Ministry of Information, What is a turning point in the Omani representation.

He participated in many series, dramas, a lot of television works in addition to Omani radio works.



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